Vision & Mission

When was the last time you tasted honey that had meaning? Its color, its smell, its origin. You could taste the exact flowers that the bee had visited, you could tell by its consistency that your jar was unique, and it was all the sweeter because the honey was created by and for social good.

Taste Balyolu: a venture that connects small-scale, eco-friendly women beekeepers with regional markets, and funnels a percentage of the profits towards providing basic entrepreneurship and business development training for these women. The honey is made in a specific region, with specific flowers, aiming to preserve indigenous bee species and flora alike. The program also works with members throughout local communities to launch specialized honey tasting tours (tat-tours or api-tours) thus building environmentally and economically sustainable livelihoods for all.

The venture is an idea and I am spending the next six months to find out if and how I can make it real. Check back in with Inspired Beeing to find out about its progress, and the sticky underbelly of lessons learned along the way.


  1. Enjoyed your inspiring emcee at the Turksih festival yesterday – you are inspirational! I lived in Turkey for several years (2004-2007), and have been traveling there a couple of times a year since 1999 and, like you, love it! I also love the Kars, Rize, Sumela, Erzurum, Trabzon region.

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