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Starting a Business in Turkey is Like Finding a Lost Ipod on a Ski Slope

Loving it!

Never in my life have I not fallen asleep on a plane. Until now. For the entire 2 hours from Istanbul to Kars, I peered out of the window, mapping my future over the rippling snow-covered mountain ranges that lead to Kars. I searched for the familiar landmarks I have been crossing now for years, the major highways, lakes, rivers, valleys, and cities – leading me all the way to one of Turkey’s last frontiers and my home for the next nine months. Read the rest of this entry

A Pause from Regular Programing to Announce Temporary Location Change

"Sorma ne haldeyim, Sorma kederdeyim..." Buket Hanim singing Zeki Muren. Although the ingredients for a royal Turkish cry-fest are here, I shed nary a tear. Also for the record, I am actually drinking the lemonade (Photo by Batur).

The last time I really “left” Turkey, I cried for eight days. I cried in the shower, I cried in the bus, I cried at my going away party, and I cried in the airport line, ultimately giving away all of my clothes and comic books to a cleaning lady in the bathroom. (more…)


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