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Beekeeping for Feminists: Is Queen Bee Syndrome Wrong? How to Make a Queen

“Don’t be a drag just be a queen” sings Lady Gaga…easy to say when you haven’t just been drugged and artificially inseminated!

“Wow, she is such a queen bee!” says a jaded co-worker in another article talking about women in the work place. Time and time again, these articles resurface, drawing a connection between bossy women in the work place and queen bees. Usually the connotations are negative, that queen bees rule the office, bullying other women in an effort to “dominate the hive.” Its feminism backfired, they report. Women become so powerful that they oppress other women in an effort to keep their power, and in doing so replicate the struggles that they had to go through in order to get where they are. If you haven’t read this kind of article, here is a quick sample for you, courtesy of Google: On “Queen Bee Syndrome,” where women oppress each other in the work Place – (more…)

Politics of the Middle Bees: Tomatoes, Wild Bees, and No Fly Zones

Blue, Red, Yellow, White! Beehives of all colors visit the Kars region.

Beekeeping in Turkey is politically apolitical about politics. What?

I studied politics in undergrad, I moved to Turkey to study political elections in 2008, and I quit my job working in Washington D.C., the city of US politicians just last May. One would say that by now, I have had my fill of politics. When I moved to the Northeast this past summer, I thought to myself, ah, this summer in Turkey will just be about bees, the most apolitical creature around. Without even getting into the politics of the queen bee (will save that for a later post), I have learned that no matter where you go, the political world is just beyond the riverbed. I think living and working on five borders also doesn’t help. (more…)


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