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Our Favorite Balyolu Photos – For Our Kickstarter Fans!

We had a great Kickstarter campaign last month and we are now preparing to send out all of our gifts and words of thanks around the world (thank you, tesekkur ederiz, გმადლობთ, cox sağ olun, mamnoon!). Read the rest of this entry

I’ve Been Framed! Photos and Beekeeping in an Endangered Biosphere

Entrance of the karakovan, into a secret life of bees!

After shivering wet and cold in my bed, I embrace daylight and stumble into Hasan’s kitchen. Men rapidly discuss local politics. I plunk my camera on the table, turn off my ears, and indulge in dripping cheesy corn-flour fondue, homemade yogurt, eggs, and tomatoes. Then I hear a word, “çerçeve”… “frame. I turn on my ears at the sound of a magic honey cue word. (more…)


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