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Wake up in the Morning Feeling like Bee-Ditty: On Birding and Beeing in Igdir

Wake up in the morning feeling like Bee-Ditty…

Sometimes, work is hard – even when you are doing exactly what you love exactly where you need to be. But everyone has those days, when you are trying to make lemonade and as you are walking back from the manav (fruit stand), your lemons fall out of your bag and all of the little kids on the street start kicking them around the block. It’s no one’s fault. The universe is just politely telling you, “take a break.” (more…)

Entering a Summer in Kars

Sefa Ak holds a kestral for morning feedings.

“I can give you a lift to Kars,” a man and his family offer as they drive up to the curb. They are in the last car to leave the airport parking-lot, and they have been watching, waiting to see if someone was coming to get me. “I’ll be fine,” I say, “a friend is on the way.” They look at me reluctantly. The parking-lot is empty. All the other passengers from our flight, the only flight, have continued on their journeys to somewhere else. (more…)


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