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Fake it till you make it: drifting bees, new communities, & Ignite Boulder

Learning from women beekeepers (photo by Irfan Kandemir).

It was one of those fall days where autumn sun glowed on the backs of hands and webbed bee wings. Where the air smelled like apples and hazelnuts, and the first dead leaves crunched into brown flakes under our feet. Read the rest of this entry

Life on the Edge: Bee Boxes, Satan’s Castle, & Cildir

The hive on the ledge.

Vzzzz. The noise passed beneath my sleeve, crawling deeper and deeper into my shirt. Vzzz. Oh no, I thought to myself. Oh. No. My jaw dropped as my face transformed silently into an expression of horror. There it was, a buzzing inside of my bra. I didn’t fear bee stings – even in places where a bee should never access. No, what I actually feared that very moment was the audience watching my every move: the mayor of Cildir, the first place honey winner of Ardahan, and my friend visiting from out of town; three men in a properly conservative corner of Ardahan. Yep. There was no way I could gracefully deal with this situation. (more…)

Myth Busting Honey: What You Thought You Knew

Without much to distinguish the good honey from bad, how can you tell whether to spend 10$ or 100$?

There has been a long pause in posts since last week, largely due to weddings, Kars’ infamous electricity outages, birthdays, travels, visitors, visa runs, and days stock-full of, well, work. As I catch up with all of the 10 posts that I owe you, here is my challenge for you: what are the most popular myths about honey? (more…)


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