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How Much Do We Have To Change Ourselves In Order To Make A Change In The World?

Embrace the foreign - being Kars' first registered foreign driver, I am 001...just 6 foreigners away from being a world renowned international Bond of mystery.

Embrace the foreign – being Kars’ first registered foreign driver, I am 001…just 6 foreigners away from being a world renowned international Bond of mystery.


Yesterday, I applied to become a Turkish citizen.

And it didn’t work. Even after five years of living in Turkey, I still don’t quite qualify. Though many of my neighbors speak about me like they do about yogurt, coffee, tea, and native Americans, swearing that my origins must somehow be Turkish… on paper, I am not. (more…)

BALYOLU IS BACK – Walking the World’s Very First Honey Tasting Trekking Route

As the snow melts and the rain pours, I slosh around the Black Sea in my hiking boots in search of bees.

In search of bees…how many times have I finished a sentence with that phrase in the last three years. A Georgian man adorned in a bright and colorful ewok costume chases after me, whip in hand, while I pass through a traditional village in search of bees. I drive 8 hours over Azeri deserts brewing with mud volcanoes and cracked flowers, staring nauseously out the window, in search of bees. I fall to my knees before an ancient lake in Armenia, drinking holy water and silenced by its beauty, in search of bees. I float over flowing velvet green carpeted hill-sides in Eastern Turkey, the sounds of cowbells chorusing throughout the valley, in search of bees. I cry in a hospital, blowing my nose on sheep’s wool, wondering how so much could happen all for some great search for bees!


Explorer’s Journal: High Prices and Honey Festivals Hint At Future For Macahel Biosphere

Phrase from Field: The 14’th Annual Macahel Honey Festival lacks its regular enthusiasm as bureaucracy, speeches, and road-blocking clouds close in on the rings of dancers, the lip smacking children, and the stacks of honey priced high, declaring a new kind of future for the ancient biosphere.

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Explorer’s Journal: Surviving Mountain Storms Trains You for Rising Above Corruption


Phrase from Field: Slouching against mountain wool-stuffed pillows, a man donning a track suit and perfectly trained British English recounts how a life of survival and fickle weather patterns in the yaylas has prepared him for survival in the cut-throat corruption of Batumi oil ports and the tyrannical nepotism of politics. Read the rest of this entry

Explorer’s Journal: A Marriage of Micro-Climates

Phrase from Field: Straddling snowy white lethally electric mountain clouds and semi-tropical green staircase hill-sides, beekeepers in Savsat savor the unique light colors and rich tangy flavors of their honeys, a true child of the dramatic marriage of regional micro-climates. Read the rest of this entry


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