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We’re in Tblisi Searching for the World’s Oldest Honey (Oh, and P.S., We need help)

Gamarjoba! We’re in Georgia, a country that feels tipsily young, energetic, inventive, and rebellious – an incredible feat considering that it’s one of the world’s oldest cultures and peoples (if you’ve met a Georgian before you know that Georgia boasts the world’s oldest wine as well as the oldest human remains outside of Africa). Read the rest of this entry

Waggle on! Horon and Hives at the Honey Festival Oyoyoy…

Dancing horon!

“Yiiiiheeeeeuuu!!!!” everyone yells as my arms are yanked down to the ground, then up to the sky, like the slanted poles of a tent. The gencler (young people) around me make the movements gracefully, like eagles swooping for their prey. I look like a floppy fish. The blaring sound of the tulum (bagpipe) at maximum volume is relief to my ears, because I am almost certain that it masks my awkwardly uncontrolled screams. (more…)

Bees without Borders: Flying between Turkey, Armenia, and Georgia

Queens in Posof, ready to hatch.

Everyday my quest to learn about honey in Turkey brings me closer and closer to borderlands. More often than not, many of the beekeepers who are considering organic certification over the next year are within jumping distance of the Georgia and Armenia borders. Having visited over 60 beekeepers in this situation over the past week, here is a quick snapshot of a border-beeing. (more…)


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