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From the East! to the West! Why bees die as pests?

Another reason why I feel like a cheater? Sunflowers are one of my favorite flowers. Their beautiful patterns, their stunning colors, their sense of community. Just have to remember, don't blame the flower, blame it on the a-aaa-aalgecides.

In Kars, I try to travel like a bee. Staying close to my home base, but leaving to feast on the diverse scents, exotic colors, and daily changes of my surroundings. I glide over the familiar rolling steppes that have become my home, noticing when budding flowers open after the rain and when old ones are withered. I feel the new season that is every couple hundred meters on these ancient steppes, and the untamed wild of 2,000 flowers calms my heart to a happy buzz…

That’s why I feel like a cheater when I jump in a plane, and the next thing I know I am standing at the farthest western corner of Turkey. My warm fleeces, my cozy socks, my heavy sleeping bag are snug in Kars and I am a world away on a whole other set of borders in Trakya. Hugging Bulgaria and Greece, the new landscape is hot, sunny, European, and crowded. (more…)

Snakes, Shoots, and the Awesomeness of Artvin Unleashed

My dream Artvin house: wood, kilims, and a perfect view for my inner teyze indulgences.

Today, I awoke with a craving for gum that tastes like a tree. I admit this is a random desire, particularly since I once purchased this kind of Turkish gum to feed to my foreign friends as a prank. But with my new found love of eating the grassy plants one could find in a town median (thank you Kars), it only seemed right to want to eat a tree now that I am in the forested mountain slopes of Artvin. (more…)

Say “BEES!” Vanishing of the Bees Comes to Washington D.C.

Say BEES! Fabulous viewers at the Washington D.C. screening of the Vanishing of the Bees.

May 26, 2011- Hosted in the swanky environs of Turkish Tabaq Bistro, over fifty people attended my screening of the Vanishing of the Bees. Environmentalists, entrepreneurs, honey connoisseurs, and friends alike gathered from over four countries and 22 states. It was a great showing, and a super informative film… but before even continuing, thanks are in order. First, here’s a shout-out to Tabaq Bistro for providing the space for this event. I couldn’t have asked for a better venue, with its delicious wallet friendly Turkish food, and a scenic windowed roof-top – Tabaq is as close as you can get to Istanbul without buying a plane ticket. Thank you also to all of the friends who came, it was great to have you there! (more…)


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