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Explorer’s Journal: High Prices and Honey Festivals Hint At Future For Macahel Biosphere

Phrase from Field: The 14’th Annual Macahel Honey Festival lacks its regular enthusiasm as bureaucracy, speeches, and road-blocking clouds close in on the rings of dancers, the lip smacking children, and the stacks of honey priced high, declaring a new kind of future for the ancient biosphere.

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Explorer’s Journal: Surviving Mountain Storms Trains You for Rising Above Corruption


Phrase from Field: Slouching against mountain wool-stuffed pillows, a man donning a track suit and perfectly trained British English recounts how a life of survival and fickle weather patterns in the yaylas has prepared him for survival in the cut-throat corruption of Batumi oil ports and the tyrannical nepotism of politics. Read the rest of this entry

Explorer’s Journal: Talking Tall in Kars

Phrase from Archives: In the honey-house of what might very well be the world’s tallest beekeeper, hives and frames are stacked in neat leaning towers, and in a world of 2.64 cm wing spans, for once, beekeeping feels like the work of giants.

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We’re in Tblisi Searching for the World’s Oldest Honey (Oh, and P.S., We need help)

Gamarjoba! We’re in Georgia, a country that feels tipsily young, energetic, inventive, and rebellious – an incredible feat considering that it’s one of the world’s oldest cultures and peoples (if you’ve met a Georgian before you know that Georgia boasts the world’s oldest wine as well as the oldest human remains outside of Africa). Read the rest of this entry

Fake it till you make it: drifting bees, new communities, & Ignite Boulder

Learning from women beekeepers (photo by Irfan Kandemir).

It was one of those fall days where autumn sun glowed on the backs of hands and webbed bee wings. Where the air smelled like apples and hazelnuts, and the first dead leaves crunched into brown flakes under our feet. Read the rest of this entry


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