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Goodbye…And Then… What?

Yesterday, I made a big announcement. Read the rest of this entry

Want to know why we are here? Ask a village shepherd.

Living out here as Kars’ only resident American I face a long string of questions day in and day out that is more than enough to cause a personal existential crisis. Hourly, I am asked:

“Who are you?” “Why are you here?” “What is the purpose of your existence?” Read the rest of this entry

Want to know the meaning of life? Ask a village beekeeper.

Even when flying solo, bees always have the hive mind.

I couldn’t believe it. I had found quite possibly the very last living melified man and he was 115 years-old. This man was on his deathbed, claiming to have kept himself alive over the past few years by eating only his own honey. He was the oldest beekeeper in Turkey, and I would dare say, quite possibly the oldest living beekeeper in the world. He had kept bees during the time of Ataturk, during world wars, during Turkey’s rise and fall as a global power, and during hundreds of Karsian honey seasons. Read the rest of this entry

The Honey Games: Part 1

Armed with shields of Honey Comb, let the Honey Games begin! (and may the honey be forever in your flavor).

It’s five degrees on April 4th in Kars, and I am about to officially enter the “Honey Games,” a term I use for the honey wars being currently waged in Turkey. Thus far, I have been a small player, dragged into honey laundering schemes on the Georgian border in a smokey dark late night bar (where I tactfully found a way to say no, and get out). I’ve been asked to give my seal of approval on honey that I know is not only fake, but probably infused with counterfeit drugs and supplies smuggled in from Iran. Once again, I found a way to quietly remove myself, maintaining my reputation without harming someone’s pride. Read the rest of this entry

Is there a Trick to Kickstarter? What we Learned in 30 days

My Bees-ness tips... (yes I did this sketch ;) )!

Lately, I have gotten a lot of inquiries about Kickstarter. What is the trick? Is there a strategy? What have I learned in those nerve-wracking cliffhanging 30 days that I can share with others to help THEM achieve their goals? I have thought about this for a month, long and hard. I have thought about our mistakes, what we learned, what we did, what we still need to get done. I was tempted to write a post that describes how valuable a good video is, how to assess the different crowd sourcing platforms to see which one is best for you, how to calculate costs around your campaign and what you should aim for as a goal amount, how to run a viral media campaign. Read the rest of this entry


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