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Where the Trees All Have Names: Treekeeping in Macahel

I try on my tree for size...looks like it could be a good fit!

“KIZ!” I hear Hasan call (meaning GIRL! in Turkish). “Would you like to buy this tree?” he asks me, patting a hefty chestnut. Its rooted deep in the ground with felt-like moss growing across its trunk. I think we are doing our usual family style joking, so I give Hasan my prepared reply, “sure, let me call Barak Obama and ask him to send me a check.” (more…)

A History of Beekeeping in the Tents of Nomads – Chapter Ali Bey

Ali Bey, a beekeeper of 50 some-odd years greets me in Kars mountain meadows.

“I am not afraid of dogs,” I tell my group of laughing colleagues, they nod in consent and let me go. I head down the dusty road away from Kuyucuk Lake, away from our small pack of teenage “boys of the state,” away from the hovering smells of barbecued meat. (more…)

Outside of the Box with Colorado Beekeepers

A few of Tim Brod's honey bees glow in the Colorado sun.

As June snow falls in the Colorado Rockies, and cottonwood pollen blizzards in the front-country, beekeepers take to their boxes. Revolutionaries, entrepreneurs, nature-lovers, and a five-year-old are a few of Colorado’s incredible beekeepers. Read more about them here:

Tom Theobald & Niwot Honey – Niwot, Colorado

Tim Brod & the Highland Bees – Boulder, Colorado

The Farmgirls: Tracy Bellehumeur & Noelle  – Sugarloaf, Colorado

Tim Brod & the Highland Bees

Boulder, Colorado: “What’s your favorite thing about being a beekeeper?” I ask Tim as he carries a bee box in his hands, climbing into the lush purple flowered Boulder foothills. “Its days like today,” he replies. I completely get it. As the sun peers over the mountains, the bees are glowing. The meadow is in full bloom, and I feel like I can’t breathe in deep enough to capture all of the smells. (more…)

The Farmgirls: Tracy Bellehumeur & Noelle

Sugarloaf, Colorado: “The bees might think you are a bear,” speculates five year-old beekeeper Noelle. I am wearing a dark blue mechanic onesy with “Louie” ironed to the front. Noelle lives on Sugarloaf mountain where bears are close neighbors. She is thinking like a mountain bee as she gives me the look over. While I stay sting-free, Noelle’s bee knowledge and intuition humbles me. (more…)


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