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Help Me Identify the Wild, Honey, Bumble, Mixed and Other Bee Species/Subspecies of the Caucasus

Welcome to InspiredBeeing, Let’s Go for a Walk

Hi! My name is Cat and I am the author of InspiredBeeing. Read the rest of this entry

Mountain Bound: Starting a Honey Hunt in the South Caucasus

Kars is confused. Light rain and warm sun coax late flowers into bloom and beekeepers sigh in frustration. Imagine that you went to the beach for a week-long vacation, and it only rained. You saw the sun just once – in the rear-view mirror as you drove home. This, in short, describes the honey season. However, while the honey extractors spin dry, my story of honey hunting in the South Caucasus is already more than a full harvest, and it has only just begun. Read the rest of this entry

What Does the End of a Honey Road Look Like?

The. Honey. Road. I taste the syllables and shut my eyes. Memories with little emotion shaped parachutes land on my face. Some are clouds of dark fear, soaking through my cheek bones and wrapping their strings around my throat, making it hard to breathe. Others land lightly, pricked with sunshine, making my cheeks itch pink and my eyes water with happy confusion. It has been exactly 12-weeks-three months-82-days of in-season working, walking, and building Balyolu: the Honey Road – my honey-tasting social-tourism company based out here in Northeastern Turkey.

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