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Selecting the Balyolu Logo: A Vision of the Mind

Esref Armagan filming the VOLVO-S604 web campaign (courtesy of

Over the last few months, the Balyolu has faced many challenges, and one of our biggest is this: what will our logo be? A logo is your story, the face of your company, and the image that everyone will remember when they think of your idea. Balyolu wants to be a new perspective; on business, the environment, beekeeping, and tourism. We want to be a company that inspires others to think, to taste, and to imagine. It is a loaded vision for a small logo.

But I know of one artist who challenges people to see beyond a picture, and instead compels us to use our senses and our minds to discover the possibilities of the world in which we live. That man is Esref Armagan. Esref is an artist who paints with his hands, and the person I wanted to design our logo. Read the rest of this entry


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