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Balyolu Wishes You Happy Holidays!

The heart of Kars.

Hi All! Balyolu wants to wish you the happiest of holidays!

Click on our link below to see our newsletter, to meet our team (yes we have a team!), and to find out exciting new updates about the Balyolu program for 2012:

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Have a wonderful holidays everyone! Your encouragement and support this past year has been the greatest gift of all!




Fake it till you make it: drifting bees, new communities, & Ignite Boulder

Learning from women beekeepers (photo by Irfan Kandemir).

It was one of those fall days where autumn sun glowed on the backs of hands and webbed bee wings. Where the air smelled like apples and hazelnuts, and the first dead leaves crunched into brown flakes under our feet. Read the rest of this entry


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